The book that I would like to read again

Thanks to ielts’s question,which reminds me to read Huazhe again. I will reread  it after I finish the important ielts test.

Well, Huozhe is a historic novel, which tells us a tough and dramatic story of Fugui’s whole life, who was once a rich man but later lived a very hard life due to a series of continuous sufferings, such as going bankrupt, losing his only son and so on.

I knew this great fiction owing to my teacher’s recommendation. Undoubtedly I fell in love with it so much that I just spent about 3 days finishing it, even though at that time I was busy preparing for the coming university entrance exams. And now I want to read Huazhe for the second time because its first person view really makes me feel like I am one of the fiction world which makes me touched deeply by the story. Also, Fugui survives finally despite difficulties and that inspires me to overcome challenges in my own life. Besides, I love the background of this book. In other world, I am interested in Chinese stories happing in the 19th century.



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