A Decision That I Disagree With

This hot summer, my brother made a decision that he would learn how to drive a Manual Transmission car. However, I was not in favor of his plan and I told him my views.

Firstly, his opinion that a boy should learn to drive MT cars is so ridiculous because I think whether a person learns MT cars or not depends on his demands,instead of his gender. Besides,mastering MT cars is absolutely harder than Automatic Transmission cars,which means he will spend much more time. What’s worse, compared to AT cars,MT cars cost much but pay little because driving AT cars is a trend now while MT cars are gradually givn up by people day by day.But If my brother choose to learn to AT cars,perhaps he will save a lot of precious time to do other meaningful things,such as learning English and so on.

Luckily,he accepted my advice and decided to learn AT cars rather than MT cars.



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