My Blog Is Limited

I feel so CONFUSED these days. Should I move my website to Hong Kong?

Well, many people will argue that in China, visiting a website located in Hong Kong costs much less time than a website in any other place except Mainland China. Yes, I have to admit it is true, however, after I moved my blog to Aliyun Hong Kong B, although my blog did become much faster, sometimes I just could visit it normally! At the first I blamed my phone since everything was OK after my smartphone was restarted.

But problems appeared even more frequently and soon I got the explanation from the Customer Manager of Aliyun, that all the problems were caused by the limitation set by the telecommunications operator.

So, I am remained puzzled. Well, why does my site need to be limited? I have never write anything against Hong Kong laws. I truly just can not understand what happens to my blog. Perhaps I should move my site back to GoDaddy?



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