Why Do I Blog?

Well, Why do I blog, it is not a very easy question to answer. To be frank, however, at first I set up my blog blindly cause I just felt curious and cool about running my own website. But after about one year’s blogging, I found myself fall in love with it. So, I want to talk about why I blog in three aspects.

First, I blog for myself.

It is impossible for my to recall the day when I first got the idea of keeping diary. But it is clear that I always wrote the diary of Day One and then abandoned my diary. I failed every time. So, I often feel regretful that I can not memorize the past interesting things. And those experiences in my life is unique, I can obtain them for the second time and as time goes by, the memories would fade away. When I started to write something about my daily life in my personal website, I would not feel such boring than write in traditional way, I mean diary. As a matter of fact, I have develop the habit of writing in my blog and enjoy sharing my stories to others.

Second, I blog for my friends.

Yes, everyone has his or her own circle. I have my own circle. I do not live in a isolated environment. So, Many of my friends involve many of my stories and I hope that by visiting my blog, they can resonate with me so we can treasure our common memories in our heart forever.

Third, I blog for everyone.

Well, I am an outgoing Chinese boy. So, I blog to make everyone from different areas to know my stories and feel familiar with me!

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