Hello everyone,it’s my honor to give a speech about friends here.

As is known to us all , having a good social relationship is of great value to us.What a good social relationship really means is that we can have somebody to rely on when we are in need.However,not everyone knows how to make friends.To make a story short,I think the very first thing is a big smile,which is the magnet,appealing to others.Also,we should always make sure that we behave in a friendly way.The more easy-going we are,the more likely others will be to approach to us.Besides,I personally suggest that we learn to be helpful,instead of being helped all the time.

That’s all.Thank you all for listening.Hope that you can develop a wonderful social relationship!

Today,  I failed again in the math and chemistry exams . What a bad day ! So desperate and I played MC in order to comfort myself and I found solace of a kind after maybe one and a half hours .

I shouldn’t be so sad . Because I am a unique boy , one of a kind . I should be confident with myself !



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